We're Proud to Provide Emergency Plumbing Services in Totowa, NJ

You've heard of AAA for auto accidents, but have you heard of the AAA plumbing company? AAA Professional Plumber Repairs & Sewer Services provides plumbing services that are fast, affordable and reliable. If you're a Totowa, NJ local, our plumber is ready to tackle your next project. From new installations to repairs, we can do it all.

Choose a licensed and insured plumber with decades of experience  ➞

There's no doubt that plumbing problems are stressful. If low water pressure, leaky pipes or clogged sewer lines are causing issues for you, turn to a professional plumber for fast repair services. We have almost 50 years of experience tackling every type of plumbing problem you can imagine. Our plumber could fix your equipment blindfolded - but we promise not to try that.

To get plumbing installations, plumbing repairs, sewer cleaning, home additions, or emergency plumbing services, call 201-878-1111 now. We'll be glad to give you an estimate.

What kind of clients do we serve?

Unlike big plumbing companies that are only focused on the bottom line, our local plumber's main goal is to help his neighbors. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for affordable prices.

We're proud to serve local:

  • Homeowners who are experiencing pressure problems in their sinks and showers
  • Restaurant owners who are remodeling their facilities and need repiping services
  • Property managers who need plumbing repairs before a new tenant moves in
  • Office managers who want foul odors eliminated
  • Dentists who are building a practice that requires new fixtures

Tell us what plumbing problems you're dealing with and we'll find a fast, efficient solution.